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What kind of inquiries do members receive?  To give you a sampling, below are some real email inquiries sent to our members. (edited to remove personal info)


QuickBooks for Law Firm
I work for a small law firm which works with QuickBooks. QuickBooks was started before I got here and I don’t think it was managed or utilized very well. I have very basic QuickBooks experience and don’t believe I have handled QuickBooks correctly either. Needless to say I know the books need to be corrected. I believe I fit your exact profile listed on your website ‘QuickBooks cleanup for businesses that ‘got in over their heads’.

QuickBooks for HOA
We are a neighborhood homeowners' association who's major task is to provide a security patrol by off-duty Police officers for our area. We have been working with a bookkeeping service who, using QuickBooks, carried out the following tasks and sent us a complete file save monthly. They have now switched to a different program and we no longer have the access to our data as we did before the switch so we are looking for an alternative, modestly priced service using QuickBooks.

Payroll Audit
Our County is currently looking for a firm that can conduct payroll audits. We are in need of this service for a short-term engagement. Please advise if your firm is available to discuss.

QuickBooks for Mac
I’m interested to learn about training you provide and your rates for transitioning our company file from QB Premier Pro 2010 to QB 2016 for Mac.

Bookkeeping for a Non-Profit
I am the founder/director of a non-profit organization. We are looking for bookkeeping services. Our last bookkeeper retired and he estimated that it takes two hours a month to do our books. We are a small non-profit and have a volunteer staff.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping for Construction Business
This past year we grew from 3 employees to 25-30, and handling the QuickBooks, invoice entry, payroll, etc. while bidding and managing projects became too much. I need someone who has worked with construction companies before and who can handle more of the invoice entry and record keeping on QuickBooks. I'd love to talk to you and see what services you offer and how you can help our company.

Bookkeeping for a Church
My church is looking to hire some temp bookkeeping support for our overworked staff bookkeeper. Basically we need data entry support in catching up our records on QuickBooks and in our own internal donor database. We are currently behind in our data entry and updating financial records. I am not sure how many hours that would take but want to get a ballpark number in mind before making a decision about how to move forward.

Bookkeeper for Apartment Management
I am looking for a bookkeeper with experience with apartment building management through QuickBooks. We currently manage 150 apartment units, with full tracking, reconciliation and class tracking for each building. Please contact me with more information if you'd be interested in taking us on as a client.

Real Estate Bookkeeping
I own a real estate investment company (LLC) and have a partner in that business. I also own several rentals (including apartments) on my own. My personal bookkeeping is a mess right now and I want to get everything cleaned up, organized, restructured, and employ a bookkeeping service.

QuickBooks for Religious Org
I am the treasurer of a religious organization in the area with a budget of about $90,000. I have the job of keeping the books on QuickBooks, maintaining the budget, sending out a number of invoices for dues, and writing checks. I estimate that for a trained person the job might require 1.5 days per month.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping
We are looking for a person to handle the bookkeeping on QuickBooks, as well as issue checks and invoices as needed, at my instruction. Is this something you might be able to handle?

IRS Audit
I am in desperate need of your company's service. I am being audited for 2013 and 2014. My previous bookkeeper kept little physical records of my "sole proprietor" business expenses outside of QuickBooks entries. I have my transaction history from my bank for 2013 and 2014 and have a bunch of miscellaneous receipts, etc.

Construction Accounting
We are a small construction company. We gross about $700,000 per year. I am looking for a new CPA and also have personal taxes that need to be done. I would like to acquire more information regarding, assistance with integration of QuickBooks and add on products, integrated applications.

Property Management
We are a property management and real estate company. We are requiring assistance with the integration of QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 with and Property Ware.

QuickBooks upgrade to Enterprise
We recently upgraded our QuickBooks premium to include Enterprise. We are interested in onsite training. Please let us know if this is something your firm can offer.

CPA for Real Estate
I am seeking a CPA that can keep books on corporate companies as well as personal. I am a real estate investor and I have not been able to find a CPA that can accommodate what I need. I have a corporation and LLCs, and I am closing a new property here. Can I set up a consultation with you, at this moment I have a pending IRS response that I need to answer on my personal 2014 return this the first thing I need to have taken care of.

QuickBooks Training
I am a small business owner who owns a consulting business and is preparing to purchase another business. I will be moving banks, payroll, and other activities and I don’t want to get it wrong. I am looking for a person to help me with the transition of the new books as well as spend a few hours a month supporting me where I need it. I plan on doing the lion's share of the work, but I may need someone to help me with QB expertise, setting up my workflows for QuickBooks, invoicing, report generation, and close outs.

QuickBooks Enterprise
For the last several months we have been trying to get QuickBooks Enterprise running our business. We are an architectural, building assessment, and field services company that has been using Microsoft Dynamics for the last several years. I just can’t seem to figure out how to make QuickBooks Enterprise work for our invoicing purposes, and we are hoping you may be able to help us with getting it fully functional.

Bookkeeper for Construction Company
We are seeking information on the cost for a bookkeeper for 30 hours a week in our office. We are an small construction company and we use QuickBooks.

Bookkeeping for Architecture Firm
We are a small architecture firm looking for light bookkeeping help in our office. The services we need would include 8-10 hours a month; keeping our QuickBooks up to date, helping with billing clients on a monthly basis, and any other small tasks that might pop up.

QuickBooks Clean-up and Back Taxes
I have a mess with my QuickBooks and I need help. We run a small glass business. Can you help me clean up my QuickBooks and get me back on track? We have not filed personal taxes in 6 years and I want to get that done before the IRS comes after us.

Church Tax Issues
We are a small church with 501 (c)(3) status. As a minister who receives a small parsonage allowance and salary, I need guidance on tax matters. We have a part-time bookkeeper, so this is more about confirming we are handling parsonage matters correctly.

HOA Tax Filings
Our HOA is looking for a firm that can bring us up to date with our tax filings (IRS/State) and also do an audit in our books, as those are our immediate needs. We would like to set up an appointment with your firm to meet with some of our board members, including our Treasurer.

Bookkeeping for Winery
We just started using QuickBooks this year and have a bit trouble with it. We are a small company in property management and we also have a winery with warehouse and a tasting room and a vineyard. It seems we need some help and advice. I wonder if you would be able to help us.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping for Clothing Boutique
My daughter owns a women’s clothing boutique. She started the business about seven years ago is using QuickBooks and now wants to expand. Her goal is to open additional stores. Would your company be able to help in the following? Upgrade the current system. She has the same system from seven years ago. Implement the system at the other stores. The store currently uses POS, Payroll and GL.

Real Estate Bookkeeping
My business partner and I run a small real estate shop. We buy, rehab, and sell properties along with operating a small rental portfolio. The lady who usually does our QuickBooks entries for us is too busy with other projects. We would like to jump on a call with you to discuss what we are needing and see if you can help.

Bookkeeping for Law Firm
I recently started at job for an attorney. Prior to me starting, he had another assistant for about a year and a half and prior to that he had the same assistant for 20+ years. Unfortunately, it looks like the assistant prior to me led the attorney to believe she knew everything about QuickBooks and was keeping it up, etc. Apparently, however, that was not the case at all and we have a mess on our hands. The only experience I have with QuickBooks is writing checks to pay a few bills and for subpoenas in my prior job. I have been muddling through so far here, but we need an expert to come and figure things out and get us back on track. Is this a service your company would provide?

Small Business Bookkeeping
I am contacting you to see about setting up QuickBooks and tax prep for my small business. I have had a bad experience with another company who said they could take care of me and have dropped the ball. I need help fast. I would like QuickBooks set up for 2016, hook up accounts, and get tax prep done. My wife and I file jointly so all i need is the year reconciled to send to our family tax prep person, so this would just be up to that point. My goal would be to have you set up QuickBooks, and then (when tax season is over) have you train me so I can keep up to date with QuickBooks year round, so future years will be much more easy to handle.

Sage 50 Consulting
We have been using Peachtree/Sage 50 for many years. We’d like to improve our knowledge of the software and digitize/streamline our accounting processes. Additionally, we are using Concur and need some help with the back end integration. We prefer a local resource if and when we need on-site help.

Church Accounting
I am conducting a search for accounting services for our church of about 400 members. Do you have any experience with fund accounting, and would you be interested in taking on such a job?


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