Privacy Policy

BTA Professional Alliance Corporation and employ the following privacy policy

What we know about our site visitors:  As a site visitor, other than what kind of computer you have and which browser or ISP you’re using, we know practically nothing about you. We collect general information for statistical purposes to perform analyses of user behavior to measure customer interest in the various areas of our site.

We may enable “cookies.” A “cookie” is a file placed on your computer’s hard drive by a website that allows it to monitor your site use. Cookies can’t do anything malicious, and they cannot send us any personal information about you.

You are not required to give us personal information to visit our site. We collect no personally identifiable information unless specifically provided by you.

Advertiser and member sites linked on and may have different privacy practices, and we encourage you to read their privacy policies.

We provide a Contact Form on this site to initiate a referral to our advertisers and members. advertisers respond directly to the contact form. BTA Professional Alliance Corporation and maintain copies of the information provided in the contact form to track the performance of our advertising, member advertisements, and website.  The information you provide on the Contact Form is not used for any other purpose and may be viewed by BTA Professional Alliance Corporation and employees and/or its contractors and vendors.  As such, it is advised that personal information be limited when completing the Contact Form through this site. Specifically, we discourage users from providing private information, such as social security numbers, financial records, and other information that may be confidential or privileged (such as an attorney-client privilege).

The personal information you provide will be used only in connection with BTA Professional Alliance Corporation and’s services, its advertisers, as required by law for legal investigation, or such other purposes described at the point of collection.