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Certified Tax Coach (CTC)

What is a Certified Tax Coach (CTC)? 

A Certified Tax Coach (CTC) is a tax expert who specializes in providing strategic tax advice and proactive tax planning. They are highly skilled in finding legal ways to minimize your tax liability and maximize your tax benefits. CTCs are tax strategists who help you navigate the complex world of taxes with the goal of maximizing ways to save you money.

Does someone need to be a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) to give me strategic tax advice? 

While certification as a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) is a valuable indicator of expertise, it is not mandatory for providing strategic tax advice. Knowledgeable tax professionals, including Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs) and tax attorneys, can offer strategic tax advice without holding the CTC certification.

Can a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) do my taxes? 

Certified Tax Coaches (CTCs) primarily specialize in tax planning and strategies rather than the preparation and filing of tax returns. While they can provide valuable guidance on minimizing your tax liability, they may also handle the technical aspects of tax return preparation. For tax filing services, it’s advisable to consult tax professionals such as CPAs, EAs, or licensed tax preparers, and typically CTCs hold these designations.

What is a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) not allowed to do? 

Certified Tax Coaches (CTCs) are specialists in tax planning and advice. They may also be involved in tax return preparation or filing. They should not provide legal advice, guarantee specific tax outcomes, engage in unethical behavior, or offer services beyond their expertise. CTCs focus on helping you create effective tax strategies while adhering to ethical and professional standards in the tax planning realm.