About Us — BookkeepingHelp.com: Your Reliable Accounting Matchmaker 

Since its inception in 2001, BookkeepingHelp.com has bridged the gap between consumers searching for reliable bookkeeping, tax, and accounting services and the qualified professionals who provide them. 

BookkeepingHelp.com took shape with the vision and dedication of Cheryl and Jim Berry, who launched it with a unique “brick and mortar” approach rarely seen with online businesses. After years of devoted management, Cheryl and Jim moved on to a well-deserved retirement. In 2023, the platform transitioned into the capable hands of BTA Professional Alliance, a family-owned business with more than 30 years of bookkeeping, tax, and accounting experience. 

At BTA Professional Alliance, we understand first-hand the challenges of navigating the complex world of financial professionals. We know how frustrating it can be to search for the right expert and the potential disasters that can unfold when that “professional” isn’t genuinely qualified for the job. 

This is why BookkeepingHelp.com is designed to connect you with experts who will meet your needs and provide you with the customized services you expect. You can trust that your search for the right professional is in capable hands. 

We have reimagined the BookkeepingHelp.com site and improved its functionality to make your search as streamlined as possible. With our user-friendly platform and growing bookkeeping, tax, and accounting professional network, we’re here to make your search for the perfect match smoother and more efficient. And we anticipate even more outstanding features to come in the months ahead. 

When you need help finding the right professional for your bookkeeping, tax, and accounting needs, BookkeepingHelp.com is your reliable accounting matchmaker.