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August 2017  [joined in 2007]
You have been an integral part of my business over the years, 80% of my clients have come from finding me through you; the rest are word of mouth. So I want to say THANK YOU! This is my 11th year in business.

Maria Soeder, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
MS Bookkeeping Services

Minnetonka, Minnesota

July 2017  [with 13th membership renewal]
Still get very good referrals as a result of our affiliation.

Marcine Johnson
Accounting and Tax Advisory Services Inc.

Marietta, Georgia

June 2017  [with 9th membership renewal]
We're a long time lister and we love the service!

Kevin Koffman
Bookkeepers Etc. Corporation

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

June 2017  [with 7th membership renewal]
Great service. Please keep up the good work!

Seymour Mintz
Seymour D. Mintz, CPA

Brooklyn, New York

June 2017  [with 7th membership renewal]
Great service. Coming up on our 7th year with Pays for itself and then some every year.

Paul & Rich McCoy, Enrolled Agents
ExecuTax, Inc.

Arvada, Colorado

June 2017  [with 12th membership renewal]
Every year you send me the reminder and every year I renew cause you folks are so nice and easy to work with. And every year when I do renew, darned if we don't get one or two terrific clients from the referral.

Steve Allen, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor, IRS and California Registered Tax Preparer
Allen Accounting and Tax Inc - dba Allen Financial Services

Simi Valley, California

June 2017  [with 1st membership renewal]
Money well spent!!

Stephen Gsell, EA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Duluth Tax & Accounting, LLC

Duluth, Georgia

May 2017  [with 2nd menbership renewal]
I have been pleasantly surprised by the response to my ad with My criteria for renewing each year has been based on whether the ad is paying for itself and it has every year so far but this year it has more than paid for itself so I eagerly await the coming year's outcome!

Mindy Sanders
MinTrick Consulting, Inc.

Queen Creek, Arizona

April 2017  [with 4th membership renewal]
Very pleased with the results achieved with the ad. A true value and good way to reach potential new clients.

Nadina Fish, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Books Done Right, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona

March 2017  [with 12th membership renewal]
Love your website!! It really works for us. Keep those referrals coming!!!

Jean Dale-Bauer, Enrolled Agent
Rocky Mountain Financial Professionals, LLC

Centennial, Colorado

March 2017  [joined January 2017]
Just wanted to let you know that I have already had several contacts from Not only that, it has paid for itself and more. Thank you!

Mary Schilhab, Full Charge Bookkeeper
Mary Schilhab Bookkeeping/Tax

Chino Valley, Arizona

March 2017  [with 10th membership renewal]
Simply put, you guys are great!

Marc S. Standig, EA, CFP®
Marc S. Standig, EA

Monroe Township, New Jersey

February 2017  [with 14th membership renewal]
Thank you for all the past years of service. You have been a great partner to our business!

Valerie R. Clemons EA, CPA
Clemons & Associates, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois

February 2017  [with 12th membership renewal]
Thank you! Appreciate the service!

Deborah Kulik, Certified Payroll Professional
NC Professional Accounting Services

Mebane, North Carolina

January 2017  [with 12th membership renewal]
I have picked up many new clients since I started with your service.

Julia T. Hsu, Enrolled Agent, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
K & J Tax and Financial, LLC

Tucker, Georgia

December 2016  [with 9th membership renewal]
Keep up the good work!

Dante Cajucom, Enrolled Agent
Cajucom & Associates, Inc.

Anaheim, California

December 2016  [with 8th membership renewal]
This listing has been very helpful.

Richard Morris, CPA
Morris & Co.

Fairfax, Virginia

December 2016  [with 12th membership renewal]
The most cost-effective advertising for my business for over a decade!

Regina Moore, Certified Bookkeeper, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Regina To The Rescue

Castle Rock, Colorado

November 2016  [with 2nd membership renewal]
Good service, thanks.

Tara Racer, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Aberdare Business Solutions

Katy, Texas

November 2016  [with 13th membership renewal]
I have received referrals that have paid for the listing. This is the ONLY place I do a paid listing and it is WORKING ! Thank you!

Claire Schapiro, EA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Cameo Enterprises Inc.

Chino Valley, Arizona

October 2016  [with 11th membership renewal]
Your website has been the best marketing tool for my business for the past (almost) 12 years!! Thank you so much for such a great website!

Susan Commins, QuickBooks Professional Advisor
All About Accounting LLC

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

October 2016  [with 3rd membership renewal]
You guys are awesome! Thanks for all that you do!

Jacqueline Dailey, Xero Bronze Partner, Certified QuickBooks® & QuickBooks® Online ProAdvisor
Dailey Bookkeeping Services

Southfield, Michigan

August 2016  [with 3rd membership renewal]
I get great leads from

Stephanie Wynne
Flat Rate Bookkeeping and Taxes

Culver City, California

July 2016  [with 3rd membership renewal]
You rock! I am able to advertise without having a website because I show up in a Google search through Thanks for all you do!

Catherine Bass, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Bass Tax Service

Arlington, Texas

July 2016  [with 10th membership renewal]
Have been with for many years and I always get referrals from them, every year, without fail. Best use of my advertising dollars.

Joe Handler, CPA
Bensalem Accounting & Tax Service

Bensalem, Pennsylvania

May 2016  [with 6th membership renewal]
Great service! Thank you!!

Rita Furlong, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor, AIPB Member
Green Bookkeepers LTD

Saint Paul, Minnesota

April 2016  [with 9th membership renewal]
The only advertising we need!

Suzi & Bill Meinke
Meinke Bookkeeping & Computer Services

Los Alamitos, California

April 2016  [with 4th membership renewal]
Thank you for all you do - this is a GREAT asset to my business.

Michele Wilson, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Wilson & Wilson Bookkeeping Inc

Bartlett, Tennessee

April 2016  [with 1st membership renewal]
Thank you - Have picked up clients from your listing.

Peter Yee
Peter Yee, CPA

Glendale Heights, Illinois

March 2016  [with 7th membership renewal]
Thank you for your consistently great customer service. Nice to have you as my marketing partners!

Joanne Gore, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Joanne L. Gore CPA, LLC

Missouri City, Texas

February 2016  [member since 2005]
Your service has once again paid for itself. I send ALL my colleagues (who want more clients) to you folks.

Catherine G. White, Enrolled Agent
Grant Financial

Waltham, Massachusetts

February 2016  [with 11th membership renewal]
Thanks for another great year for referrals!

Pamela Britz, EA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Britz Financial Group

Sugar Land, Texas

February 2016  [with 7th membership renewal]
Great service for a very modest price – thanks!!

Elliott Wexler, CPA
The Wexler CPA Firm

Montebello, New York

November 2015  [with 1st membership renewal]
I have gotten two clients from your ad this year. One of them is very valuable.

Elizabeth Zang, CPA
Elizabeth Ye Zang, CPA, LLC

Rockville, Maryland

October 2015  [with 2nd membership renewal]
We have been very pleased with the referrals that we have gotten though you all. Happy to renew!

Marc Rossenbach, Enrolled Agent
Compu-Tax and Accounting

Phoenix, Arizona

October 2015  [with 5th membership renewal]
My listing with keeps driving traffic to my website. One client has paid for 15 years worth of renewals.

Demos Loizides, QuickBooks Consultant
Demos Loizides, LLC

Dale City, Virginia

August 2015  [with 13th membership renewal]
I really appreciate y'all! As always I continue to receive great leads from my listing with!

Michele Beavan, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Accurate Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

Irving, Texas

August 2015  [with 2nd membership renewal]
Thank you! I appreciate your service!

Kathy Haas CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Kathy J. Haas, CPA, PLLC

Cedar Park, Texas

July 2015  [with 3rd membership renewal]
Thank you for providing an excellent exposure in the web. I think you are better than expensive marketing efforts of internet providers. Have gotten some fantastic clients from your site. Great job and I truly appreciate it!

Eva Bodnar-Felker
Eva Bodnar-Felker, CPA, LLC

Orlando, Florida

June 2015  [with 6th membership renewal]
Got three sizeable referrals from this listing last year! Thank you so much!

Cindy Szerlip, EA, CFP®, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor, NTPI Fellow
CS Business Management

Redondo Beach, California

June 2015  [with 10th membership renewal]
Love you all - great service for such a small price.

Kathy Bylkas, Enrolled Agent
Kathy Bylkas - Your Taxlady

Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 2015  [with 8th membership renewal]
We have gotten really good referrals from this website. It is the only advertising we pay for.

Linda Johnson, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Dean Johnson, CPA – PC

Chandler, Arizona

April 2015  [with 7th membership renewal]
For the money I think the exposure is terrific. This year I have received lots of calls and at least three or four quality clients. Besides meeting and networking with area CPAs, this is the only form of advertising I have ever had success with.

Dawn Kilmer, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Accurate Bookkeeping Services LLC

Las Vegas, Nevada

April 2015  [with 6th membership renewal]
Keep up the good work; my renewal is my endorsement.

Bill Lamb
William Lamb, EA

Berkeley, California

February 2015  [with 4th membership renewal]
Thanks for the business you have brought me.

Jim Stafford, Professional Bookkeeper, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Jim Stafford Bookkeeping

Kingwood, Texas

February 2015 
I have had many, many contacts from and have picked up several new clients. Your listing service has been well worth my money.

Liz Blodgett, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Liz Blodgett

Highland, Utah

December 2014  [member since 2002]
I've been listed with for many, many years and it is pretty much the only money I spend on marketing and is by far the most cost effective.

Michelle Teitelman, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Accounting Solutions Provider

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

December 2014  [with 2nd membership renewal]
We have been pleased with the service since we took out our first ad. We consistently get new clients as a result of it and your services. Please keep up the good work; we appreciate it!

Jared Rogers, CPA, MBA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Wilson Rogers & Company, Inc

Chicago, Illinois

November 2014  [with 9th membership renewal]
Thank you for all of your support.

David Kahanowitch
Clipper Bookkeeping & Property Management Services

Thousand Oaks, California

October 2014  [with 1st membership renewal]
I just wanted to let you know that was my most productive marketing spend in 2014. I received several referrals through prospects searching on the Internet and I secured several new clients. In fact, the first client who contacted me soon after I joined you, signed with me for monthly services. That signing alone more than paid for the annual cost. Whatever you are doing to ensure that I come up high in searches, please keep it up!

Cindy Hawkins
Padgett Business Services of Dallas

Dallas, Texas

September 2014  [with 11th membership renewal]
Cheryl and Jim do a great job. They are always on top of things and keep my web site at the top of the search lists. I couldn't be happier.

Larry Shrewsbury, CPA
Francis Laurence Shrewsbury, CPA

Land O Lakes, Florida

August 2014  [with 7th membership renewal]
Thank you for all your help and support.

Jackie Borden, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
The Borden Group

Aliso Viejo, California

August 2014  [with 10th membership renewal]
Website is well worth the price. I am very happy with my listing.

Craig King, Enrolled Agent
Craig King Accounting, P.A.

Fort Myers, Florida

August 2014  [with 9th membership renewal]
Keep up the good work!

Linda Cahill, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Arrow Bookkeeping

Silver Spring, Maryland

June 2014  [with 3rd membership renewal]
I have received many inquiries due to this website.

Chanin Zellner, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Positive Bookkeeping & Business Services

Chanhassen, Minnesota

May 2014  [with 3rd membership renewal]
I have received several new clients from

Edith Smith
Edith E. Smith, CPA

Sunnyvale, Texas

May 2014  [with 10th membership renewal]
Thanks for the great service!

Gina Brooks, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Gina's Bookkeeping Service

North Plains, Oregon

May 2014  [with 12th membership renewal]
MBS loves !!!

Mark A. Gilbert, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
MBS Accounting Technology & Advisory, LLC

New York, New York

April 2014  [with 7th membership renewal]
Thanks for your excellent service.

Diana Makes, Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
The Efficiency Experts

Sahuarita, Arizona

April 2014  [with 6th membership renewal]
I'm really happy with your services.

Edward Yousefian, EA, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Edward Yousefian, CPA, APC

Glendale, California

February 2014  [with 4th membership renewal]
You are doing a great job. I got lots of good leads from your website.

Donna David, Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
The Optimal Financial Group

The Woodlands, Texas

January 2014  [with 2nd membership renewal]
Thank you for the service you provide.

Michele Koscielniak, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Michele Koscielniak CPA LLC

Lake Worth, Florida

December 2013  [with 9th membership renewal]
Your service is great and we appreciate it!

Rex G. Davis, CPA, CFP®
RG Davis & Company

Lafayette, California

December 2013  [with 8th membership renewal]
You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

James M. Perillo, EA, CB
Perillo's Tax Services, LLC

Oakville, Connecticut

November 2013  [with 6th membership renewal]
Keep doing what you're doing so well.

Glenn Kersteen, CPA
G5 Tax & Consulting Services

South Portland, Maine

October 2013 
I LOVE A third of my clientele have come from your site.

Pam Giles, Professional Bookkeeper
Liquid Assets Accounting

Puyallup, Washington

October 2013 
I tell you this all the time and I will tell you again: I get very good results from these ads. Thank you for your support and your website - it has paid for itself many times over.

Marc Dickson, CPA
Dickson & Associates, Certified Public Accountant

San Francisco, California

October 2013  [with 4th membership renewal]
Thank you for your services. I am happy that I can use your service. With all the web traffic it is difficult to be able to choose what type of marketing to use.

Nancy Barnes, CB, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Barnes Business Services

Lynnwood, Washington

September 2013  [with 3rd membership renewal]
Awesome...this ad pays for itself.

Veronica Herrera
Summit Bookkeeping Inc.

Los Angeles, California

June 2013  [with 3rd membership renewal]
I've gotten many calls from my listings on your website.

Deborah Marion
Deborah Marion, TAX CPA, EA • Tax Preparation and Audit Representation

San Mateo, California

March 2013  [with 3rd membership renewal]
Thank you -- I really appreciate the business that your site has brought.

Shannon Stewart, EA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Stewart Financial Services LLC

Bloomington, Illinois

March 2013  [with 7th membership renewal]
I have had some very good referrals from my listing in the last year. Thank you very much.

Sharlet Gilbert, Enrolled Agent
Gilbert Bookkeeping, Tax and Consulting

El Sobrante, California

March 2013  [with 2nd membership renewal]
The service is great! It's helped me get more exposure and clients and prospects!

Josephine Licata, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
JL Bookkeeping LLC

Manalapan, New Jersey

February 2013  [with 6th membership renewal]
Over time and particularly within the last 18 months, I have obtained a number of excellent, long-term client relationships which are at least in part attributable to my listing on your website. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

Tim Fowler, CPA
Timothy W. Fowler, CPA PC

Davidson, North Carolina

January 2013  [with 4th membership renewal]
My sincerest thanks for helping to make my business successful. We had a client from your website that brought in $25,000 of fees for his work!

Ira Einhorn
Einhorn CPA

Citrus Heights, California

September 2012  [with 7th membership renewal]
We continue to receive new clients from your service. Thank you!

Lonny Haugen, CPA and Owner
CFO Colorado Accounting & Tax Services

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

August 2012  [with membership renewal]
One of the few advertising I've paid for that MADE me some money. Thank you!

Dan Bosler, Enrolled Agent / Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Affordable Accounting Assistance

Fenton, Michigan

August 2012  [with 7th membership renewal]
Love your website, it provides us with a lot of feedback and we have obtained several clients from this listing! It is the only advertising we have ever done! Thank You!

Rose Fisher, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Real Possibilities, LLC

Skillman, New Jersey

July 2012  [with 9th membership renewal]
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I get from you guys. Very happy with your service over the past decade.

Shirley Johnson, EA
Wood & Associates Accounting, Inc.

Altamonte Springs, Florida

July 2012  [with 7th membership renewal]
Thanks for all your help! Your service works great!

John Sawyer, Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisor

Nashville, Tennessee

May 2012  [with 2nd membership renewal]
50% of all the hits I get to my website come from Thank you!

Tony Moore
Kiwi Consulting

Richmond, California

April 2012  [with 8th membership renewal]
Thank you for your excellent service and professionalism.

Suzanne Whitney, EA
Harrigan & Brient Associates, Inc.

Milpitas, California

March 2012  [with 4th membership renewal
I have been extremely happy with your services over the years. Your customer service and responsiveness is excellent.

Andrea L. Tocco, MBA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Etica Accounting, LLC

Saint Petersburg, Florida

March 2012  [with 10th membership renewal]
Love you guys!

Thomas Perro, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Bookkeepers Plus!

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

February 2012  [with 9th membership renewal]
Thanks for all your good service! We love working with you and feel it's a great value.

Donna Stokes
Century Accounting & Financial Services

Timonium, Maryland

January 2012  [with 7th membership renewal]
Good job - getting some nice referrals and clients from this.

Kenneth L. Schilling, EA, ATP, ATA
Schilling Business & Tax Service

Fort Worth, Texas

December 2011 
Happy Holidays to you, and thank you - your services have generated more leads than others I have tried.

Jill Mavrinac, CPA
J.S. Mavrinac CPA, LLC

Crystal Lake, Illinois

December 2011  [with 4th membership renewal]
This service is one of the best decisions our firm has made. Thank you for all of the referrals!

Harold Newman, Enrolled Agent
Newman Tax & Resolution, Inc.

Temecula, California

December 2011  [with 1st membership renewal]
Joining last year was the best money I spent on promoting my business. Thank you!

Lorraine Kovacs, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Bookkeeping By Lorraine, LLC

Deptford, New Jersey

November 2011  [member since 2003]
Keep up the referrals – I receive more from you guys than anywhere else!!

Greg Lavier, ABA, ATP, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
G & D Accounting, Inc

Livonia, Michigan

August 2011  [with 5th membership renewal]
Great service as always! This is my fourth year in business using as my only form of advertising. That's all I need. Thanks much!

Diane Black
Diane K Black

Lakewood, Colorado

July 2011  [with 1st membership renewal]
Keep up the good work. A new client brought in a printout of how he found me and my name was right there on top, from your site link. I appreciate your listing assistance!

Richard Burt, CPA
Richard Burt CPA LLC

Orange City, Florida

July 2011 
My listing continues to provide me with a good return on my investment.

Vincent Osaghae, CPA, MBA, CIA, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Osaghae & Associates CPAs

Schererville, Indiana

June 2011  [with membership renewal]
Your service is great! Thank you. I have gotten some business from it that is definitely worth the cost.

Deena Kolb, PB
Ledger Domain, LLC

Boise, Idaho

April 2011  [with 6th membership renewal]
You guys are wonderful! We get such good referrals from this and you are so attentive.

Sue Smith, EA, CTP, ATA
Advantage Business Solutions

Dallas, Texas

April 2011  [with 6th membership renewal]
Love you guys and your wonderful service!

James E. D'Incecco, CPA
Anthem Bookkeeping and Tax Services, LLC

Denver, Colorado

April 2011  [with 2nd membership renewal]
You folks do a very nice job working with us. We appreciate your assistance.

Bruce Sherwin, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Compass Business Services

Cumberland, Maine

March 2011  [with membership renewal]
Love the service! I've only been a member for a year now, but I've gotten quite a few referrals since signing up. It has definitely paid for itself many times over. Keep up the great work!

Virginia Meyers, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Account-Ability Virtual Bookkeeping

Medical Lake, Washington

March 2011  [with 2nd membership renewal]
To say the least, I'm extremely pleased with the service. The best money I have ever spent! Keep up the good work!!

Vincent Osaghae, CPA, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Osaghae & Associates CPAs

Chicago, Illinois

February 2011  [member for 1 week]
I just wanted to report that I am very pleased with your service so far! I just signed up last week and I've already got my first appointment from someone who found me on the website. I'm so glad I signed up! Thank you!!

Jenny Carvell, CB, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Accountable Bookkeeping

Portland, Oregon

January 2011 
Happy New Year and thanks for your great service.

Joanne Resnick, Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Bookkeeping Resources

Providence, Rhode Island

January 2011  [with 8th membership renewal]
It's been most beneficial over the years. Keep up the good work.

Pat Carson, Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Sum of All Numbers

Fremont, California

January 2011  [with 2nd membership renewal]
I have been very pleased. I have definitely gained clients from my listing.

Carol Conway, Enrolled Agent
Conway Tax Services

Hayward, California

December 2010 
I will for sure be renewing my subscription. This is a great partnership for me.

Ivey Baird, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
JB Business Solutions, LLC

Summerville, South Carolina

December 2010  [member for 2 weeks]
Just wanted to let you know, I got my first client already! The ad has already paid for itself. Thanks and Happy Holidays :)

Patty Tomazin, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Arrowhead Outsource, Inc.

Peoria, Arizona

November 2010  [with 5th membership renewal]
The best advertising dollars spent.

Ronald Kohls, EA, MBA, ATA, ATP, ABA
TaxPrep Solutions, Inc.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

November 2010  [with 2nd membership renewal] has been a great resource of new business for me.

Lynn Kuiken, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Lynn Kuiken, PL, CPA

Sarasota, Florida

October 2010  [with 4th membership renewal]
Can't say enough good things about you. The SEO is great, your communication is great, and it works!

Denise Worrell

Medford, New Jersey

October 2010  [with membership renewal]
I have been very happy with the responses I have been getting

Lena Young, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Small Business Accounting

Bethesda, Maryland

September 2010  [joined 2 weeks ago]
Got a new client already - thanks again! [One Day Later] Got another call today. Amazing.

Dena Lebowitz, EA, MST
Back Tax Solutions LLC

South Pasadena, Florida

August 2010  [member since 2002]
Hi Jim & Cheryl, I just wanted you both to know how pleased I have been with your company. I cut back on my (other) online advertising & the referrals I've received I know are coming from your site. I've talked with a couple of CPAs today & referred your site.

JD Jackson, CPA
The CPA Firm, LLC

Atlanta, Georgia

July 2010  [with 7th membership renewal]
We get a continual flow of new customers through

Joe Cattan
Jonlee Associates, Inc

San Antonio, Texas

July 2010  [with membership renewal]
I have had wonderful response from the listing! The best $$ I have ever spent, and will spend.

Sandi Mattingly, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Sandi L. Mattingly

Mesa, Arizona

June 2010  [with 3rd membership renewal]
I am very happy with the service, and with the personal nature that it is provided. Best to you both!

David Heymann, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
David Heymann, CPA, EA - The Rocher Group

Toluca Lake, California

June 2010  [with 5th membership renewal]
Thank you for all the exposure. We added 60+ new clients this past year and at least 50% came from the Internet. Keep up the great work.

Mike Mead, Enrolled Agent
Alliance Financial & Income Tax

Blue Springs, Missouri

May 2010  [with 5th membership renewal]
Thanks for all you do. I get lots of referrals from your site from throughout central Florida.

Martha Bell, EA, ATA, ABA
TaxAdvantage of Lakeland

Lakeland, Florida

April 2010  [with membership renewal]
You provide a great service - thanks a lot!

Mike Davidov, CPA
Davidoff & Associates CPA

Alexandria, Virginia

March 2010  [with 5th membership renewal]
Thanks, you all - it has been 5 great years!

Joann Watkins
Los Gatos Bookkeeping

Los Gatos, California

March 2010  [with 4th membership renewal]
Thanks for a great job in getting us referrals from the Internet.

Rose Huie, CPA, CFP®, Certified Quickbooks® ProAdvisor
Rose Y. C. Huie, CPA

Oakland, California

February 2010  [with 2nd membership renewal]
Keep up the good work!

Van Ballantyne, Enrolled Agent, MBA, ATP
Counting House Associates LLC

Greenland, New Hampshire

February 2010  [with 8th membership renewal]
I have been exceptionally pleased for over 8 years now. Your service has brought me most of my business. I thank you and am pleased to say that I came in at the inception of your company.

Jody Schindermann, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
J. S. Bookkeeping Services

Vaughan, Ontario

January 2010  [with 5th membership renewal]
Have already landed two new clients from referrals from you in 2010, including 3 years of tax returns for a sole proprietor.

Dave Smith
David H. Smith, CPA, LLC

Lake Oswego, Oregon

December 2009 
We just closed a big deal with a company thanks to!

Rachel Kovick, Director of Business Development
Perfect Balance (formerly Virtual Office America)

Durham, North Carolina

November 2009  [with 7th membership renewal]
As always, you guys are the greatest and our only source of advertising.

Wyndi G Mahlerstein, EA,Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
A to Z Business Services, Inc

Dallas, Texas

October 2009  [with 6th membership renewal]
Thank you for all you've done for me.

Kathy Gateley, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor

Aliso Viejo, California

August 2009  [member since November 2005]
Your website brings me clients every year. For me, the membership fee is money well spent. Thank you, it works!

Svetlana Kouzmova, Certified Tax Preparer
ASK Business Solutions LLC

Valrico, Florida

August 2009  [with membership renewal]
I'm very happy with my listing and have had several contacts from it. Thank you!

Marla Snyder, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Net Effect Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

Thousand Oaks, California

June 2009  [with 7th membership renewal]
Thanks for another GREAT year!!

Jeffrey N. Schweitzer, EPA, CEP, ATP
Northeast Financial Strategies Inc

Wrentham, Massachusetts

June 2009  [member since January 2009]
Just want to say thanks. We have in fact received leads from your site and some have even turned into clients!

Kathleen Fernan, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor / ACT! Certified Consultant
K&K Business Solutions, Inc.

Monrovia, California

April 2009  [member since December 2008]
We are seeing a good and steady ROI from our advertising on your site.

Susan Schutz, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Apis Business Solutions, LLC

Denver, Colorado

March 2009  [with 2nd membership renewal]
I have gotten many clients from this website.

Mary Rezendes
Merco Associates

Acushnet, Massachusetts

February 2009  [with 2nd membership renewal]
Your listing is the best advertising investment that I make. Most of my best and longest clients have come to me through For some reason, your site attracts people who have a real interest in professional help. That's what differentiates your site from the others I've worked with.

Marc Adams, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
MCA Certified Tax Preparers LLC

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

February 2009  [with 4th membership renewal]
I just landed another client because they found me on This makes renewing well worth it!

Bonnie Proch, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Attentive Accounting Group

Gaithersburg, Maryland

January 2009 
I've got to tell you – advertising with you folks is one of the best promotional investments that I make each year! I have counted how many leads I have converted from and it totals 38 clients over the past four years. A significant portion of my revenue comes from your source!

Owen Arnoff, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Incompass Tax, Estate & Business Solutions

Sacramento, California

October 2008 
Your Directory has been the most productive for me on a consistent basis.

Steven Leibold, EA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
San Diego Business Advisors

San Diego, California

September 2008 
Wow! Got my first client in less a week. Thank you!

Meili Sikora, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Sikora CPA, Inc.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

September 2008  [with 4th membership renewal]
Love the service. Quality referrals.

Holly M. Nicholas, CPA
Holly M. Nicholas, CPA PC

Plano, Texas

June 2008 
I've had quite a few inquiries and several new clients that found my information on your site. I truly can't thank you enough for being the best thing that ever happened to my business.

Ethel Parsons
Ethel S. Parsons, CPA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 2008  [with membership renewal]
Keep up the good work! One good lead more than pays your subscription!

Sharon H. Hinchman, EA, FNTPI
Alamo Bookkeeping and Tax Service

Alamo, California

April 2008  [with 6th membership renewal]
Thanks for all the leads you have provided over the years; we have been able to turn most of them into ongoing clients. I remember originally being very reluctant to try a new approach to advertising and have been very surprised by the results.

Gary Hansen
Cascade Business Services Inc.

Beaverton, Oregon

April 2008 
Jim & Cheryl - Tax season went very well. I got lots of referrals from your website.

Margo Linden Katz, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Margo Linden Katz, CPA

Sherman Oaks, California

March 2008 
I have been very happy with your service and I have received several customers from your referrals.

Wade Cox, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
D. Wade Cox, CPA, PLC

Yukon, Oklahoma

March 2008  [with membership renewal]
Great follow-up service and ad assistance...thank you!

Jean Clappe-Mixell
North Star Bookkeeping LLC

North Port, Florida

December 2007 
I am very happy with the responses I get through and You do a great job getting my information near the top of Google searches. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your services. Have a happy holiday.

Harlan Levinson
Harlan Levinson, CPA

Los Angeles, California

December 2007 
Have gotten several leads and clients through you since renewing. Thanks for all of your help.

Joel Berman, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Joel E. Berman CPA, PA

Largo, Florida

November 2007 
I have had excellent response and about 90% have become clients. Very happy with the way this is working.

Peggy Lanz, Accountant
finePoint Consulting Services

Calgary, Alberta

September 2007  [with 4th membership renewal]
When I started advertising with you, I never thought people would search the Internet for a CPA. Not only have I had great results, I landed the largest client in the history of my practice through Thanks for such a great service.

Joel Shapiro, CPA
Joel M. Shapiro, CPA, P.C.

Alpharetta, Georgia

September 2007  [with membership renewal]
It's a pleasure to actually speak to a "live" person when you are dealing with an Internet business. I'm looking forward to another year with

Patti Tokar
Patricia Tokar Canton, CPA Inc

Elkhart, Indiana

August 2007 
Jim & Cheryl - This is the best advertising I've used…I get a call per week from my listing. Your service continues to exceed my expectations. Thanks!

Bruce Miller, Enrolled Agent
Bruce Miller & Associates

Sherman Oaks, California

July 2007  [with 5th membership renewal]
Another great year. Thank you!

Jenifer Dreis, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
JRD & Associates – Professional Bookkeeping Services

Spring, Texas

July 2007  [with 5th membership renewal]
I am very happy with your service.

Gajanan Utgikar, CGA
RUSH Accounting & Tax Services Inc.

Etobicoke, Ontario

June 2007 
This month I have gotten 3 calls from my website - thanks to So far I've gotten one new client and the one today looks promising.

Melinda Dowdy, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
MD Bookkeeping Doctor, LLC

Baltimore, Maryland

January 2007 
Cheryl, Just a note to thank you for my listing on In the last month, I have picked up (5) new clients that will result in long term business relationships. I even had a call from a potential client last night at 7:00 PM.

Jake Worline, ATP, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
J. W. Enterprises, LLC

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 2006  [with membership renewal]
We have found the referrals to be very beneficial for us, as well as increasing our exposure.

Eugene Niles, Marketing Director
David Gronsbell & Co. CPAs PC

New York, New York

July 2006  [with 2nd membership renewal]
I am sold on you. Please keep up the good work!

Jack S. Monarch, CPA, EA
Monarch Tax Consultants

Orange, California

July 2006  [with 2nd membership renewal]
We have received many referrals from this website. It is a wonderful source of business.

Jeff Siegel, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Siegel Solutions, Inc.

Burlington, Massachusetts

June 2006  [with membership renewal]
I received several referrals from this website. It was definitely worth signing up with

Lucia Dest, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Essential Financial Solutions, Inc

Beltsville, Maryland

May 2006  [with membership renewal]
We are very happy with your website. We have added two excellent clients during our first year that are directly from your site. I would rate both of these clients in our top 20% of our current clients.

Robert Sokoloff, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor, POS Certified
Robert Sokoloff CPA & Associates

Lincoln Park, New Jersey

May 2006 
I couldn't be happier with the service you provide. In the short time [3 months] I've been with you, I've gained many new accounts. Thanks!!!

Lin Shurtleff, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Common Cents Bookkeeping Services Inc.

Hugo, Minnesota

December 2005 
Cheryl - I wish to thank you and for all of the wonderful new clients coming my way. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

Shirlee Hattem, EA, ATP, ATA, ECS
Shirlee Hattem, EA

Frisco, Texas

December 2005 
I've been reading the testimonials from people who've received referrals after only a week to a month being on, but I can top that! I received an e-mail from someone seeking my services just as you personally called me to tell me my company info was up on the site. What was that, 5-10 minutes after joining?? Now THAT is amazing!

Elena Oppedisano, Certified Bookkeeper
Checks & Balances Bookkeeping Services, LLC

Trumbull, Connecticut

December 2005 
Just want you to know that I will be starting with a new client tomorrow. They found our company on Little did I know that a client would come my way so soon.

Peggy Brown Schaefer, CPA, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
MMBS & Associates, Ltd

Palos Heights, Illinois

November 2005 
I have been very happy with your service and the response. I have done everything from notarize documents to Quickbooks training. The site has paid for itself many times over.

Francina Hollaway, CPA, ATP, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Francina M Hollaway, CPA, LLC

Sarasota, Florida

August 2005 
Until I signed up with, I had very little faith in web sites for obtaining new business. To date I've already obtained 5 or 6 tax clients with years of back filings. You can estimate the fees I obtained, and see why your service is one of the best investments I've made this year. Thanks for creating this site and keep up the good work.

Irwin Rozen, EA, ATA, CSA
I A Rozen & Associates, LLC

Deerfield Beach, Florida

June 2005  [member since May 2005]
I just closed some business today from a person who found my name on Thanks so much! It is a recurring monthly deal of $300/month, just the type of business that I am seeking. Thanks again.

Jack Harrington, Enrolled Agent
Franklin Management & Tax Service

Boston, Massachusetts

December 2004  [with membership renewal]
We have been very pleased with advertising on your website - and have found you both and your company to have the most personable service on the web we have encountered ! Thanks & it is a pleasure to be associated with!

Bruno Campese
CMG Group Inc

Toronto, Ontario

November 2004 
I am happy with your service. Although some people don't respond after the requests for information, I have received a few leads that are leading to work enough to justify the fee.

Anthony Hearn, CPA, MST
Anthony Hearn, CPA

Trenton, New Jersey

October 2004 has brought in profits to my business of over $42,000 this year….over 3/4ths of the new calls received are from your site! You have the formula for search engine optimization! Keep up the good work!

Debra Burch, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Trilink Collaborate

Dallas, Texas

October 2004 
Thanks for the heads up! I called the gentleman and now have a new client! This ad has more than paid for itself in the first week! Thanks again!

Dick Norton EA, Retired Associate Chief, IRS Appeals
Richard E. Norton, E.A., FATP

Burbank, California

September 2004  [with membership renewal]
Thank you both for a wonderful last year and I look forward to getting many more leads from your site. GREAT JOB!

Denise Magee, Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Quality Consulting Group, Inc.

Tampa, Florida

August 2004 
This is my best experience in advertising for new business! I have tried it all --- yellow page, coupons, BBB, asking for referrals, etc. --- with minimal response. In a short period of time with, I have received numerous contacts by phone and e-mail - about 50% have turned into new clients. You guys are not only professional and helpful, but very sincere in your desire to help your client succeed. Thanks!

Christina Carter, Enrolled Agent
Christina Carter Tax Service

San Mateo, California

August 2004 
You folks provide a superior service and I am forever grateful. I have tried other services and they are nowhere to be found in the searches......Wonderful to be "partnered" with professionals! Thank you!

Linda Pfingst, CPA
Linda C. Pfingst, CPA, LLC

Frenchtown, New Jersey

August 2004 
Just wanted to let you know that I have been quite happy with your service. This year one of the best international clients I have ever had found me through

Elissa Secula-Greeley, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
ADOS Consulting

Berlin, Maryland

June 2004  [with membership renewal]
I am very pleased with your advertising services, and have received several clients from your website [since the beginning of the year.

Wes Collier, CPA, CFP®
Wesley H. Collier, CPA, P.C.

Cypress, Texas

June 2004 
I have gotten loads of business from your service. I appreciate your commitment to making my business bigger. Your follow-up and responsiveness is great. Thank you for your service.

Lynn Palmer
Palmer Accounting & Financial Services

Grayson, Georgia

March 2004 
Cheryl - I have to mention to you that I HAVE obtained a few tax clients so far this tax season due to and my website you created. I didn't realize how dependent the public is for utilizing the Net for personal services.

Evan Golar CPA, EA
Evan S. Golar, CPA

Airmont, New York

December 2003 
FYI, I contacted my initial referral. It appears I will be completing some work for him. Your site got us a new client in the first hour. You can't beat that!

Kelly D. Hughes, CPA
Thompson, Hughes & Trollinger, PLLC

Alexandria, Virginia

September 2003 
This has been the most successful and immediate marketing we've ever attempted. Keep up the good work.

Mark R. Frye, CPA, CGFM
Frye & Company, CPAs

Manassas, Virginia

June 2003 
I have received about five new tax clients from my listing with you and will certainly be renewing when it's time.

Bob Hodge, Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
Robert Hodge Tax & Accounting Co

Indianapolis, Indiana

June 2003 
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this website. I am surprised as to how much response I have gotten. Thanks again!

Suzanne Sparrow
Suzanne L. Sparrow, Accounting & Financial Consulting

Alexandria, Virginia

December 2002 
Dear Cheryl, I just wanted to wish you a happy & healthy holiday season. I also wanted to let you know since we changed my ad, I have had 2 responses. The first is an individual whom I met & we are doing the last 3 years returns. The second is someone who contacted me just yesterday & I am meeting with him after the first of the year. I am really happy. Thank you so much for all your help & for just being so great to work with. I will keep in touch.

Myra Lowenthal, CPA, EA, ATA, ATP
Flax, Book & Company, CPAs

Bethesda, Maryland


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