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2015 Tax Tips

February 22, 2016 | By More

taxINSURANCE: For 2015 all Market place and brokerage companies are required to send a form 1095 (A for Market place) & (B for brokers) and these forms must be available to whoever prepares the tax return. The frustrating part about this is that they don’t need to be post marked until Aug although many have already been provided to those that have insurance.

SECURITY: For 2015 the IRS is being vary conscientious regarding ID theft and is holding refunds for suspect returns until the IRS is satisfied that the received return is an authentic return. It is putting a delay on some refunds but is a way of reducing fraudulent refunds.

REVIEW: Before your return for 2015 is finalized it would be beneficial to discuss the return more in depth than in prior years as there are more potential nuances that affect a 2015 return than any return in prior years. The advice of a tax professional can be beneficial.

Contributed by Robert Lukey – Enrolled Agent, CPA
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